Grey Base 1.2 Pint
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Grey Base 1.2 Pint


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Introducing The Ceramic Shop’s NEW Casual Tints Cone 6 Glazes! The Casual Tint Glaze Line was designed to allow for actual glaze mixing through layering. Because the base recipe of each glaze is identical, and only the type and amount of colorants differ from one glaze to the next, Casual Tint Glazes can actually be layered and mixed in a way that is similar to mixing paint! These glazes will allow you to achieve virtually endless variations of shade, hue, tint and value. You can now truly customize your glazing techniques.

The Ceramic Shop’s Casual Tint line is available in 16 colors, which we like to consider as subtle celadons. The line includes 4 grays, which can be layered with any of the other colors to darken or deepen the glaze. Having the ability to mix glazes in this way allows you to dial in on very subtle differences and to achieve the exact qualities of colors you are looking for.

Additionally, fired on their own, The Casual Tint Glazes complement each other. This means that you can create sets of wares in different colors and shades, without having them clash. It’s like creating your very own custom Fiestaware!

The Ceramic Shop Casual Tints can be applied to bisque ware pieces by brushing, dipping or pouring and should be fired to cone 6. For brush work, use a soft hair brush to apply 1-3 even coats. Gum arabic can be added to enhance brushability. Mix glaze well before applying, and, as always, we recommend testing the glazes on your clay body. When used on tableware, check for compatibility and stability.

Casual Tints are dinnerware safe when used as directed. They are lead-free. Do not ingest and wash hands and surfaces after use. Use a respirator when handling dry glaze.