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l&l davinci kiln discounted square 

The DaVinci square and rectangular kilns are available in various sizes. L&L has designed the DaVinci series to have arched sides providing an extremely strong and stable interior. The arched interior of the kiln creates extra space that allows the kiln air to circulate and fire profoundly even. You might want to look into these kilns before you buy an oval kiln.


Davinci 2318 2401 No FK
Item #: LXB231824010
Davinci X23 Kiln

You Save: 10%

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Davinci X2818 Kiln 2401
Item #: LXB281824010
Davinci X28 Kiln

You Save: 12%

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Davinci X3218 Kiln 240V 1P
Item #: LXB321824010
Davinci X32 Kiln

You Save: 15%

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