Bartlett V6-CF Control Board
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Bartlett V6-CF Control Board

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The KilnStar V6-CF Kiln Controller is the classic 12-key controller that can be found on ConeArt, Bailey and Olympic Kilns, as well as many others!
If you are replacing an old board or you are upgrading to KilnStar, then this is the control board for you!

The V6-CF is KilnStar Instrument Company's fifth-generation kiln controller. Each generation has improved the reliability, features and ease-of-use to make KilnStar Instrument Company's kiln controllers the most accepted on the market. With the V6-CF cone-fire method, you can select one of the four pre-set firing types -- slow bisque, fast bisque, slow glaze, or fast glaze -- and then enter your cone number, and you're firing your ceramics with as few as 6 key presses! This kiln can also handle custom programs as well -- the vary-fire method gives you the freedom to create and store up to six, 8-step user programs to fire your ceramics, crystalline glazes, glass or jewelry. Other features include delay start, preheat, alarm, cone adjustments, thermocouple adjustments, °F or °C operation, 16-segment program, and skip step.

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Technical Manual

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Advanced features of the V6-CF's include 3-zone control and KISS (kiln interface software system) for remote programming and data collection from a personal computer!

This kiln controller has become the new standard because it's so reliable and so easy to use. If you are looking to replace or upgrade your old control panel the KilnStar V6-CF kiln controller is a great place to start.

Dimensions of the control board = 5" x 6"