Giffin Grip Mini
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Giffin Grip

Giffin Grip Mini

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Once you've tried a Giffin Grip you'll never want to trim your pots without it!

The Giffin Grip Mini makes trimming your tiniest pots a breeze. The thinner design ensures that your trimmings stay in your splash pan. And, it fits on all standard wheelheads, as well as the Shimpo Aspire wheel!

The Giffin Grip Mini is a real time saving pottery tool- once you've tried it you'll never go back to your old ways of trimming again.

-Trim pots as small as 5/8" diameter
-locks in place, so it can be used clockwise or counterclockwise.
-Designed to be used with bat pins, so no need to adjust brackets!
-Locking button ensures that it stays tight.
-Fits on the Aspire wheel!
-Thinner design keeps your trimmings in the splash pan, not on your floor.

-Plate Assembly
-Basic Sliders
-Wide Sliders
-5 sizes of rods with hands

The Giffin Grip Mini is not a total replacement for the original Giffin Grip. It does not accommodate large pots over 9.5", the Flex Sliders or the Jumbo Extension Platter.

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Shipping weight: 5.00 lbs.