Alumina Hydrate
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Alumina Hydrate


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Alumina Hydrate/ Alumina Hydroxide is a source of alumina in glazes. It is more correctly referred to as Aluminium hydroxide, Al(OH)3, but in studios and labs you will frequently hear it called alumina hydrate. It is a fine granular white powder, and because it is hydrated, it remains in suspension in glazes. Small amounts decrease fluidity of glazes. In certain pink glazes, a small amount of alumina hydrate can enhance the color outcome.

Alumina Hydrate, however, is rarely used in clay bodies or in glazes (as most of the necessary alumina comes from clay and feldspar). You will most frequently encounter this material as a primary component used in kiln wash and wadding.

Hydrated alumina is a fine granular white powder that is typically added to glazes as a source of alumina.

Because of its high melting point it is often found in kiln wash.