Underglaze Chalk Crayon Set209
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Underglaze Chalk Crayon Set209


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Use these unique underglaze chalk crayons by Amaco to create personalized surface decoration on your pots! They can be applied directly to bisqueware - use just like pastel crayons! As with pastels, these chalks can be smoothed, blended and rubbed to produce different effects. Alternatively, they can be dissolved in water and brushed on with a paintbrush, like with watercolors. Once applied, it is recommended that your work is coated and fired with a clear glaze (firing temperature depends on that of the glaze).

These chalk crayons are available in colors ranging from intense hues to pastel tones. Each set comes contains 8 crayons packaged in a clear, hard plastic case for ideal storage. Crayons individually measure 2 3/4" x 7/16".

Set 209 includes:

Yellow Green
Medium Green
Light Brown
Dark Brown
Medium Blue

Please note the following firing parameters:

The maximum firing temperature is Cone 10 for the following crayon colors:
Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Dark Green, White, Gray, and Medium Blue.

The maximum firing temperature is Cone 5 for the following:
Turquoise, Yellow, Dark Brown, Blue-Green, Light Brown, Medium Green, and Yellow-Green

The maximum firing temperature is Cone 05 for the following:
Rose and Lilac

If left unglazed, Underglaze Chalk Crayons should not be used on surfaces which come in contact with food or drink. All Underglaze Decorating Chalk Crayons are LEAD FREE.