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Evenheat V8 Icon

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V8 Vitrigraph

The V8 Vitrigraph is designed for glass Vitrigraph work. It's built with a 2.75" hole in the base for this purpose. We've mounted our thermocuple (temperature sensor) in the chamber corner which means more usable floor space and allows for larger pots up to 7.25" (competitor models have less usable floor space and are limited in pot size to about no larger than 5.5"). A larger pot equals more volume per session. The V8 Vitrigraph is designed with an open base that provides plenty of room for glass release and manipulation. It also fits into many of the Vitrigraph stands that are commercially available.

V8 Vitrigraph Base
The V8 Vitrigraph floor includes a 2.75" hole machined into the base for Vitrigraph work. The V8 can also be used as a standard kiln by replacing the base with a base that does not contain the vitrigraph cut-out. The V8 is truly multi-purpose. See our accessories section below for additional bases.

Vitrigraph Pots up to 7.5" in Diameter
Usable floor space is always good and the V8 offers the most of usable floor space of kilns this size. This extra usable floor space is made possible by positioning the thermocouple (temperature sensor) at the corner of the chamber as opposed to the flat side. Vitrigraph pots up to 7.5" diameter can be used. This means more volume per session without the constant re-load and wait. With the V8 Vitrigraph project size becomes less of an issue compared to competing brands.

Stackable Design
The V8 Vitrigraph is designed in a stackable format. This allows the artist to convert from a vitrigraph to a standard kiln in a matter of minutes. Stackable also makes positioning the kiln that much easier as each piece is placed independently. If you plan to convert back and forth between vitrigraph and standard use or are a travelling artist the stackable feature comes in very handy.

Swing View Equipped
V8 temperature controls are fitted to our Swing View Adjustable Enclosure. The swing view is a pivoting, swing-up enclosure that allows you to rotate the control to a comfortable viewing and programming angle. Once you're done, lay it back down to see it from across your studio. It's that simple. The swing view pairs well with touchscreen controls like the TAP II, Icon+ and Icon as viewing angle can be perfectly aligned. You'll love it.

Relay Access Port
The V8 incorporates our Relay Access Port for simple, no-panel-off relay replacement. Simply remove the access plate to gain access to the mechanical relay. There's no need to remove the control panel and dig into the internal wiring. It's absolutely simple and effective and all it takes is a screwdriver! It's a given that mechanical relays will fail at some point. This relay access port really comes in handy when they do.

Maintenance Parts Tag
To assist you in replacing worn items we have included a maintenance parts tag on the GTS 2541 indicating the proper Evenheat part numbers for anticipated maintenance items. Wish we had this decades ago.

120V Standard Plug
The V8 Vitrigraph operates from 120V and is equipped with a standard North American 120V plug. Connection is very easy.

Contorller Options:

Rampmaster 3 - 12 Key Controller
The Rampmaster 3 is built from Bartlett Instruments V6-CF platform and is designed primarily for glass work but works well for other applications including heat treating. The Rampmaster 3 features dedicated buttons and readout and is offered to those who don't want a touchscreen. As with all of our controls the Rampmaster 3 is paired with a low-error Special Limits thermocouple for very precise temperature sensing. Match it up with our Quiet Drive Solid State relay system and treat yourself to some serious performance with an old-school vibe.

Icon Touchscreen Controller
The Icon is built around Bartlett's new Spark platform and brings touchscreen design to the market at a lower price point. The Icon / Spark was rigorously field-tested by Bartlett, Evenheat and others over the latter course of 2023. Programming was found to be clean and simple. User interaction with the display was deemed excellent. As expected our Quiet Drive Solid State relay system performed beautifully. As with all Evenheat control designs, the Icon adds to an existing control platform with improvements like low-error Special Limits thermocouples for precise temperature sensing and non-metallic faceplates for excellent Wi-Fi reception for the Bartlett mobile App.

Icon+ Touchscreen Controller
The Icon+ starts with Bartlett's well-regarded Genesis platform and adds low-error Special Limits thermocouples for incredible precision. We also fit the Icon+ with a non-metallic faceplate for exceptional Wi-Fi reception for the Bartlett mobile App. These added features take the Icon+/Genesis to a performance level found nowhere else. Programming and use is easy and straight-foward. Performance is legendary and shines even brighter when paired with our Quiet Drive Solid State relay system. The Icon+ represents the ultimate combination of Bartlett control prowess and Evenheat design to offer the highest performing Genesis based control available.

Tap II
The TAP II with its large screen, well laid out format and incredible mobile App is our most popular temperature controller. Firing schedule creation and use are simply simple. The science behind the screen delivers accurate and consistent results especially when matched with our Quiet Drive Solid State relay system. The TAP II is fitted with low-error Special Limits thermocouples for extremely accurate temperature control as well as our non-metallic faceplates offering excellent Wi-Fi reception. Get the TAP, get the highest rated kiln control mobile App and get going.

Addtional Kiln Customization Options:

Quiet Drive Solid State Relay Option
GTS 2541 models are available with our Quiet Drive Solid State Relay option. Our Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System offers tight temperature control, high reliability and increased heating element life. The Quiet Drive is arguably the best designed and best performing solid state system on the market. Upgrade to Quiet Drive Solid State Relays here!

Max Firing Temp: 2300 F
Inside Dimensions (inches): 8 L x 8 W x 6.5 D
Ship Dimensions: 13 L x 18 W x 14.5 H
Cubic Feet: 0.24
Amps: 14
Plug: NEMA 5-15
Shipping Weight: 48 lbs