Evenheat Solid State Upgrade 3
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Evenheat Solid State Upgrade 3



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Please note that this upgrade is available with your purchase of a new Evenheat kiln only.

How many relays will I need?
Please refer to this list to see how many relays come in your new kiln which will be upgraded to solid state.

1 relay kilns
RM Series - 810, 1210, 1210B, 1413
HF Series - 810, 1210B, 1413
Glass/Crossover - V8, Copper, Hot Shot, GT 14-6, Studio Pro 14, Studio Pro 15, Studio Pro 17, GT 4050
Heat Treat/Knife Ovens - KF 13.5, KF 18, KF 22.5, KF 27

2 relay kilns
RM Series - 1813, 1822
HF Series - 1813, 1818, 2318
Evolution Series - 2318
Glass/Crossover - GTS 18-13, GTS 23-13
HT Ovens - HT-2

3 relay kilns
RM Series - 2322, 2329, 2522, 2922
HF Series - 2327
Evolution Series - 2327
Glass/Crossover - Studio Pro 24, Studio Pro 28, Studio Pro 41, GTS 2541-9

4 relay kilns
RM Series - 2541, 2929
HF Series - 2918, 2927

Evenheat's Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System does away with traditional mechanical relays and uses solid state relays instead. Mechanical relays wear out and fail at some point, usually when you need them the most. Not so with the solid state. Solid state means there are no moving parts, nothing to wear out and nothing to replace. Solid state also means superior heating element operation resulting in tighter temperature control, longer element life and enhanced performance.

Evenheat's Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System is available as an option on all Evenheat models equipped with electronic controls. Stop replacing relays and enjoy outstanding temperature control. Quiet Drive by Evenheat, the solid choice.