Vent Master 120V, Orton
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Vent Master 120V, Orton

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The Orton Vent Master 120V not only vents your kiln, keeping your studio or classroom free of noxious fumes, but it will also improve your firing results because the ventilation creates an incredibly even atmosphere inside of the kiln’s chamber. The Vent Master can be installed to accommodate a kiln that has already been set up, or while setting up your new kiln. The vent Master’s motor / blower is built from a non-corrosive, lightweight plastic that allows you keep it on the floor, or mount the VentMaster to the wall to maximize on your space.

Setting up your Vent Master is easy -- simply position the Vent Master next to the kiln and attach the collection cup to either the bottom or side of your kiln. The collection cup fits under most top-loading kilns. Please note the kiln stand must be a minimum of 5" high to accommodate the collection cup. The Vent Master also removes fumes containing volatile metals, fluorides and sulfur oxides so you can fire lusters, decals, and metallics without a strong odor. The Vent Master improves the quality of air around your kiln while creating a better firing environment inside your kiln. As an added bonus, because the Vent Master pulls fresh oxygen into the kiln, your glazes will achieve brighter colors. Notice the change in the brightness of your red and orange glazes.

If you have more than one kiln in your studio space, the Vent Master can handle it! With an added splitter, the Vent Master can vent two kilns at once, and this add-on feature is easy to install. You can view our Vent Master expansion kit here.

Shipping dimensions: 15" wide x 10"deep x 12" high
Shipping weight: 11.00 lbs.

Technical information can be found in the
Orton Vent Master Installation and Operating Manual