Dirty Girl Rib, RV3
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Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl Rib, RV3

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New from Dirty Girl Tools -- this low-profile rump rib will make a big difference to your low-riding forms such as shallow bowls and plates. This handmade wooden rib can be used in three different ways -- the round edge can be used to for the inside of your vessel, while the sloping "rump" shape can help define the outside of the bowl or dish, and the notched or flat sides can be used to shape a foot or the rim. One side makes a flat-sided foot, making it great for tea bowl construction, while the other side delivers an edgy ‘V’ shape.

If you are going to buy a tool for shaping your clay, play dirty with this multi-purpose rib.

This rib measures 1.5" x 5.25".