Trap-Eze SS Trap Large Kit
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Trap-Eze SS Trap Large Kit

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The original classic Trap-Eze Disposable Trap has now been upgraded to include an automatic sanitizing system to keep it smelling fresh and clean! The new patent-pending sanitizing system inside of the trap is designed to last for months. Fully automatic dispensing helps assure steady action and long-term freshness. The unique system covers the sanitizing agents and activates after the trap is in use.

The Trap-Eze SS (Self-Sanitizing) Trap is a reliable and affordable way to install clay and plaster drainage into your home or studio sink! This listing is for a full Trap-Eze 3.5 Gallon kit, which includes everything you need for installation and use.

All trap buckets feature high-strength plastic construction and permenently-sealed lids. With this 5 gallon kit, you will find the bucket is the ideal size (12.5" diamater x 14.5" height) for larger studios and labs with higher-volume collection needs. The kit also comes with two flexible hoses (1.5" ID x 1.75" OD x 20" long) conveniently connect the trap to your sink tail pie and sewer tail pipe. The flexible adapter fitting for the sewer tail pipe is included for improved drain seal.

Please note that installation requires a minimum of 9" clearance between the bottom of the sink tail pipe and the top of the trap bucket for easy installation without tools.

Complete kit includes sealed trap bucket (disposable), two hoses, and a sewer tail pipe adapter fitting.