Small Bead Rack, Rep Wire 4)6"
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Small Bead Rack, Rep Wire 4)6"


Item #: SBRRW

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These are the replacement wires for the Small Bead Rack. This item includes four 6" nichrome wires. The wires are heavy gauge metal and can withstand multiple firings. Please note that the bead rack stand is NOT included in this replacement wire kit.

The wires have a maximum weight rating of approximately 13 grams per inch (or 82 grams per 6" wire) resulting in some deflection of the wire.
For little to no deflection, the wires should carry no more than 3.5 grams per inch (or 20.75 grams per 6" wire).
For best results distribute weight evenly across the wire.
All values have been tested at cone 6, results at higher cones may vary.

Maximum firing temperature is Cone 10 (2400 F).