Graffito Paper Orange
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Minnesota Clay

Graffito Paper Orange

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Graffito Paper by Minnesota Clay Company is very similar to carbon transfer paper. These Graffito sheets are embedded with an orange underglaze and can be used to transfer images, designs or photocopies to bisqueware. Because the sheets are also treated with wax, the underglaze is stable on the paper and during the transfer to the bisqued piece. The orange graffito papers have a firing range of cone 06 - 8. Each sheet is flexible and therefore ideal for use on both straight and curved surfaces. You can trim the sheets, as well, to accommodate any potential size limitations.

To use, simply attach the image you wish to transfer to the back of the graffito paper and hold the front side against your pot. Then, carefully, using a dull pencil or a ballpoint pen, firmly trace the image and voila! You will see how the image is transferred to the bisqueware.

Graffito Paper is nontoxic and comes in packs of six 9" x 9" sheets.