Olympic 1818E 240v 12K
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Olympic 1818E 240v 12K

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Olympic 1818E Stackable kiln; 240-volt; with 2.5" brick and 12-key controller.

-- Kiln Upgrades and Add-Ons --
Small Stilt Kit
Saftey Gloves
Grinding Brick
Zone Control Option
Solid State Relay
Automatic Lid Shut-off
Vent Master 120V
Vent Master Hose Kit
Vent Master Expansion Kit

About this kiln:
Easy to operate. Easy to identify. Easy to maintain. Easy to afford. Overall, owning an Olympic Kilns is an easy choice. Olympic stackable kilns are named by their interior dimensions (primarily width and depth) with other basic indicators. H= high fire E= electronic control. Olympic stackable kilns also come apart in sections making it easier to move or perform maintenance on individual sections. All stackable Olympic kilns have electronic controls that provide automatic programming for cone firings. Electronic controllers can be installed directly on a kiln or be built as a wall unit. Electronic controllers are easily maintained due to being component based. This makes replacing parts simple and quick. Please note this model is only available with single-phase wiring.

Options for customization:
First, select the correct voltage for your kiln’s space - 208V or 240V. If you are unsure, please check with an electrician before placing your order. The Stackable 1818 also offers two options for your brick size and firing temperature - standard 2.5” brick that fires to Cone 8, and 3” brick that goes to Cone 10. In addition to the higher temperature, the thicker bricks also allows for more efficient firings as well. Finally, choose which kiln controller best suits your needs - the KilnStar 3-key controller, or the 12-key controller.

Optional Furniture Kit Includes...
-- 1 - 15.5"x15.5" octogon shelf
-- 4 - 15.5"x7.75" half shelves
-- 6 - 4" posts
-- 6 - 6" posts
-- 6 - 8" posts
-- 1 lb bag kiln wash

Kiln comes standard with a stand, two peephole plugs, the instruction manual, and a warranty card.

1 year Warranty

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Max Firing Temp: 2300 F
Inside Dimensions (inches): 17.5 L x 17.5 W x 18 D
Ship Dimensions: 30.5 L x 30.5 W x 31 H
Cubic Feet: 2.63
Amps: 21
Plug: NEMA 6-30
Breaker Required: 30A
Shipping Weight: 165 lbs