Seed Ball Clay Red 10lb
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Seed Ball Clay Red 10lb


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Making seed balls or seed bombs? This is the clay you want! Seed balls are made with a mixture of dry clay, compost, and seeds and are a great way to spruce up abandoned lots or open grassy areas. Wildflower seeds work best but you can try a variety of seeds and see what works. This makes a great project for kids or give them away as gifts or wedding favors!

Seed Ball Clay is available in two colors- red and white. Both clays work the same and can be mixed together if desired.

Basic Seed Ball Recipe:
5 parts dry clay
3 parts dry compost
1 part seeds (smaller seeds work best)
1-2 parts water

Mix dry ingredients together and add water until you form a moist paste mixture. Roll into 2 inch balls and let 'em sit out to dry for a couple days. Toss out your seedballs right before it rains to help with the germination process.