Excel EX-1266SF Kiln 240V w FK
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Excel EX-1266SF Kiln 240V w FK

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Item #: EAEX1266SFM4FK

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Furniture Kit Option:

240 volts, 1 Phase, With Furniture Kit

Amaco/Excel Kilns all carry a two year warranty.

When you purchase an Amaco EX-1266SF kiln, you receive a free rebate of $100 in Amaco glazes. Want more details? Call us!

Are you an independent artist who frequently carries out kiln-related tasks alone? Are you a classroom teacher with extremely limited space, but a need for a kiln to complete your projects? You may be interested in Amaco's EXCEL EX-1266 kiln. For the individual, this is a kiln that comes apart so easily and so handily that moving large-scale equipment by yourself has never been so easy! For the space-limited artist or teacher, this kiln's take-apart feature allows to a setup to be completed in even the most cramped quarters. As such, the EXCEL EX-1266 is an excellent choice for the artist or teacher. For a low price and a reliable name in the ceramics world, consider adding an AMACO EXCEL EX-1266 to your studio lineup today!

The Select Fire Computer Controller is standard.

EZ Lift Lid is factory installed.


2.5" Fire Brick
Max Firing Temp: Cone 10, 2350 F
Inner Dimensions: 28" W x 18" D
Outer Dimensions: 38" W x 33" D x 32" H
Cubic Feet: 6.6
Voltage/Phase: 240/208 Single Phase
Shipping Weight: 355 lb

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