LUG-65 Orange Pint
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LUG-65 Orange Pint

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Amaco's Liquid Underglazes

LUG-65 Orange
1 Pint

Orange Liquid Underglaze is a tangerine color that is bright at cone 05, becomes a terra cotta red and fluxes into a soft glaze-like surface at cone 6, and maintains that toasted red-orange tone with a soft sheen at cone 10. Though the underglaze does become glaze-like, a clear gloss glaze can give Orange an impeccably smooth surface with good color.

These colors will cover large areas quickly. Also great for detailed painting, sgraffito, watercolor effects, wax resist, and mishima decoration. Amaco LUG's may be brushed on wet clay, greenware, or on mature cone 04 bisqueware. White slip may be tinted by adding small amounts of most LUG colors to produce colored slip. Intensity depends on quantity used. To color moist clay, cut clay in very thin slices, pour LUG color between slices and wedge until uniform color is achieved. Since the colors are approximately the same tone before and after firing, the effectiveness of color combinations and blending is observed as the glazing progresses.

Food Safe when doubled coated and fired to recommended temperature with a Lead Free Clear Glaze such as Amaco LG-10, or The Ceramic Shop's Real Clear.

- Underglaze color for a variety of techniques
- Can be applied to unfired clay or bisque
- Vibrant color with application of clear glaze

Cone 05 - 1046°C (at 150°C/hour for the final 100°C of firing) / 1915°F ( at 270°F/hour in the final 200°F of firing)