Kiln Safety Screen
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Kiln Safety Screen

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Free-standing, portable, modular, expandable!

Vent-A-Kiln offers Safety Screens to help provide a "piece of mind" while firing a kiln, or to help keep unauthorized personnel out of a restricted work area.

The outer surface of a kiln during firing can exceed 400°F (204°C), which can cause severe injury if accidentally touched. To alert students, children and others to be careful when near a kiln, each panel on Safety Screens for kilns is imprinted in bright safety yellow: CAUTION - KILN IN OPERATION.

To alert workplace personnel of potentially dangerous areas in industrial facilities or other operations, Safety Screens are imprinted in bright safety yellow: DANGER - RESTRICTED AREA.

Easy to assemble, Safety Screens are made with flame-retardant canvas secured to 1/2-in. round steel tubing that is galvanized for corrosion resistance. Standard units feature three 2-ft. wide by 3-ft. high panels. Single panels can be purchase to expand upon standard units.