Mayco Elements Kit 4oz
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Mayco Elements Kit 4oz


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Contains 12 jars of the best-selling Elements™ glazes.

EL-103 Sea Spray
EL-119 Burnished Steel
EL-120 Black Ice
EL-121 Copper Adventurine
EL-122 Malachite
EL-123 Patina
EL-124 Stormy Blue
EL-128 Wheat
EL-130 Sea Green
EL-132 Rust Red
EL-133 Autumn
EL-134 Mirror Blue

Mayco’s Low Fire Elements Glazes were designed to simulate the aesthetic, movement and interest of mid range and hire fire glazes. These glazes fire to cone 06 in an oxidation kiln. The level of variegation exhibited by theses glazes can be influenced by factors such as the number of coats applied, combinations with other glazes, clay body surface textures and kiln atmosphere and temperature. Mayco’s Elements are made of a freely flowing formula, which causes the glaze to move and variegate, both on its own and in combination with other glazes.

Mayco’s Elements are non-toxic. Use of a soft fan brush for application is recommended.

Some Elements may produce pleasing effects when fired to cone 6, though all will produce different colors than is seen at lower temperatures.

TIP: This glaze WILL move. Take care when using on vertical pieces reduce glaze thickness towards the bottom third to minimize run-off.
Contains 12 jars of the best-selling Elements™ glazes.