Bright Red Incl. Stain, 1 lb.
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Inclusion Stain

Bright Red Incl. Stain, 1 lb.


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50672 Bright Red (Zr-Si-Cd-Se) inclusion stain.

US Pigment Inclusion Stains represent a new generation of inorganic high temperature stable pigments for ceramic applications. By encasing inorganic cadmium compounds in a zirconium silicate crystal, the coloring characteristics of these compounds are combined with the stability characteristics of the zirconium silicate. Colors will appear as shown up to cone 10 in either oxidation or reduction.

We have tested these stains in our own glaze lab with two base glaze recipes. One containing zinc oxide and another without, both at 5% stain. They have also been tested at cone 6 and cone 10. We have found them to be stable and reliable stains that can be used in a variety of base glazes and at a wide range of temperatures.

We always recommend testing. Effectiveness will vary from recipe to recipe, as well as at different percentages.