Stoneware Bisque Carmen Mug
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Stoneware Bisque Carmen Mug

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Mayco - Stoneware Bisque Products.

This 10 oz. stoneware bisque mug is pre-fired and ready to glaze! What makes this line of bisqueware unique is that rather than being low-fired ceramic, these pieces are made of high-fire stoneware and can be used with glazes that fire up to cone 6! Now you can create without being limited to low fire glazing techniques!

The stoneware bisque pieces are great for classroom projects, particularly in schools that have kiln access, but no pottery wheels.

And - if you are local - you can glaze these yourself and then take advantage of The Ceramic Shop's firing services!
Recommended to be fired to cone 5/6 for best results
The 10 oz.. mug measures 5..5" W x 3.5." H.