Zinc-Free Clear High Fire Pint
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Zinc-Free Clear High Fire Pint

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The Sahara HF glazes are made to fire to cone 5/6 (2205 ºF, 1207ºC/2269ºF, 1243ºC) in oxidation (in an electric kiln). However, with the exception of HF-26(Turquoise), they can also be fired in a reduction atmosphere resulting in different and beautiful surface effects. The Sahara glazes can be applied by brushing, dipping or pouring. The Sahara glazes can be applied next to each other with a slight overlap in order to let them flow slightly into each other. Layering two or more Sahara glazes on top of each other can create infinite effects depending on the different glazes you are using. The Sahara HF glazes are excellent for use on dinnerware and utilitarian ware.

Cone 5
1 pint
Food Safe

Using a zinc-free clear glaze over top of underglaze application will ensure your underglaze color holds its color intensity. This glaze is also available by the gallon or dry, 25 lbs in a 5 gallon bucket.