Type K Thermocouple CS 6
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Type K Thermocouple CS 6

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Save a few bucks without sacrificing reliability by going with Ceramic Shop brand thermocouples.

6 inch thermocouples are ideal and interchangeable with most kilns.

Thermocouples are made of two types of wire. The temperature is read from the thermocouple probe's tip that is inside the kiln and where the two different wires meet. All thermocouples are designed the same way and are interchangeable between kilns. The length of the thermocouple will be determined by the thickness of your kiln walls.

Contrary to other electrical circuits for type K thermocouples the RED lead is the negative and the yellow or unmarked lead is the positive.

If the wires or the thermocouple is not color coded you can tell by using a magnet. The negative (red) wire will be magnetic, which the positive (yellow) wire is not.

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