Tax Exemption Form

Please use this form to submit your tax exemption certificate containing your EIN number. This must be submitted BEFORE you check out. An associate will contact you within 1-2 business days once your account is setup as tax exempt.


* We can only refund sales tax from orders placed within 7 business days of receiving your form. We cannot refund you any sales tax dated before your exemption was enacted.


** If you have received a letter from your state informing you that your exemption type does not require an exemption certificate, please upload your W-9 form.

  • This form must be filled completely and accurately. By providing The Ceramic Shop with this information, you are asking us to withhold tax on your order. The Ceramic Shop is not responsible for checking the information you provide to us for accuracy and honesty. If you provide falsified information in order to prevent paying tax on your order, The Ceramic Shop will not be held responsible for any liabilities that result from inaccurate representation of your tax responsibility.