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Hump Molds | Slump Molds


At The Ceramic Shop we just love molds! We carry a large variety of molds for both small and large forms, as well as for texture and design.


Our hump molds are convex plaster forms that provide a template for slab work. An evenly rolled-out slab of wet clay can be laid over top of the hump and pressed against it. Because plaster is highly absorbent, water will be removed from the clay, and the slab will be easily released. These molds are great for creating functional wares as well as sculptural works. Through using molds, one can consistently create forms of the same dimensions, including very large forms that might be difficult to accomplish on a pottery wheel.


Like humps molds, our slump molds are plaster templates that are useful for creating reproducible forms. Slump molds are concave forms that work just like other molds in that clay is draped over the surface of the mold. With slump molds, the inside surface of a pot is exposed, while the outer face is in contact with the mold. This is opposite to that of hump molds, in which the mold is in contact with the interior side of the pot.  This is ideal for some clay artists because it allows one to add elements such as a foot or a base to the piece while it is on the mold.


Our molds are suitable for both beginning and advanced students, as well as professional potters. Please visit each section to learn more about the specific uses of the different types of molds we carry.