SlabMat Wide 30" x 50"
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Stone Leaf Pottery

SlabMat Wide 30" x 50"


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The SlabMat is a non-woven fabric that provides a smooth surface for working with clay. It is similar to canvas in that it is durable and will not stick to clay. However, because it is smoother than canvas, it does not leave a texture imprinted in the clay. SlabMats are often used with slab rollers and are available in smaller sizes for handbuilding.

This Full-Length, Wide Slabmat is 50" long and 30" wide and accommodates most slab rollers. Slabs of clay can be sandwiched between two SlabMats, or you can fold a single mat and feed the fold through the rollers -- just as you would canvas! On slab rollers with an attached canvas, the clay is put between two pieces of SlabMat and then placed between the canvas.