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Olympic's broad line of oval studio kilns were designed to meet the needs of any studio or classroom where large-scale work is being produced.  The 'stretched-out' design has become Olympic's signature shape, and has been a staple in art centers, universities, and more since its introduction in the 70's. 


So what makes an oval kiln a good choice for your studio?  While these kilns don't take up much more room than your standard round kiln, the additional interior space that is created by the oval shape will contribute to your studio's capabilities, output, and efficiency -- you can really fit a LOT of work in these kilns! Likewise, the shape makes it easier to fire large works and small, shelved works in the same firing.  In round kilns,  larger pieces sometimes hold a monopoly on the available vertical space, but the width of an oval kiln will leave you with enough room to spare that you can often fit in a full stack on at least one side of the kiln!


Like all Olympic kilns, this line of oval kilns are constructed of three-inch brick for added insulation and strength.  Olympic kilns pride themselves on their efficiency, and this is one way they achieve that! Additionally, each kiln's top section has a 2-inch blank row of bricks to protect the first row of elements.  As some of these kilns are rather deep, that's an important feature considering that anyone loading the kiln will be leaning over the edge.   Balanced heating elements ensure that heat is evenly distributed inside of each kiln, regardless of the load being fired -- an important consideration when looking for a kiln that may be firing large, irregular work. Each oval kiln lid comes equipt with a lid lift assist, for safe and easy opening and closing of the kiln. Each kiln also features a vent hole in the center of the lid.

Most of these oval kilns are assembled in sections, also called rings. Each ring features handles for easy lifting or moving -- and important feature for anyone who may be moving or rearranging their studio -- and the kilns' unique ring locks secure those rings in place so they don't shift once the kiln is in use. Check out the variety of lengths, widths, and depths below and find the perfect oval kiln for your space!


Model Inside Dimensions (w x d x h) Outside Dimensions Cubic Feet Cone 8 (2300°F) Cone 10 (2350°F)
2018 30" x 20" x 20" 41" x 40" x 40" 5.85 2018E 2018HE
2023 30" x 20" x 24.5" 41" x 40" x 44.5" 7.2 --- 2023HE
2027 30" x 20" x 29" 41" x 40" x 50" 8.5 2027E 2027HE
2518 37" x 25" x 20" 50" x 45" x 40" 8.8 2518E 2518HE
2523 37" x 25" x 24.5" 50" x 45" x 44.5" 10 2523E 2523HE
2527 37" x 25" x 29" 50" x 45" x 49" 12.8 2527E 2527HE
3018 42" x 30" x 20" 55" x 53" x 40" 12.2 3018E 3018HE
3023 42" x 30" x 24.5" 55" x 53" x 44.5" 14.9 --- 3023HE
3027 42" x 30" x 29" 55" x 53" x 50" 17.7 3027E 3027HE
3031 42" x 30" x 33.5" 55" x 53" x 53.5" 20.5 --- 3031HE


3018HE Oval 240V 1P w FK
Item #: O3018HE240V1FK
Olympic 3018HE Oval Kiln

You Save: 17%

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3023HE Oval 240V 1p
Item #: O3023HE240V1
Olympic 3023HE Oval Kiln

You Save: 20%

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3027HE Oval 240V 1p
Item #: O3027HE2401P12K
Olympic 3027HE Large Oval Kiln

You Save: 20%

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3031HE Oval 240V 1p
Item #: O3031HE41V6
Olympic 3031HE Oval Kiln

You Save: 20%

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Olympic 2018HE Kiln 240v1P V6
Item #: O2018HEK41V6
Olympic 2018HE Kiln

You Save: 20%

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Olympic 2023HE Kiln 240v1P V6
Item #: O2023HEK41V6
Olympic 2023HE Kiln

You Save: 20%

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Olympic 2027HE Kiln 240v1P 12-
Item #: O2027HEK41V6
Olympic 2027HE Kiln

You Save: 20%

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Olympic 2518HE Kiln 240v1P 12-
Item #: O2518HE2401P12K
Olympic 2518HE Kiln

You Save: 20%

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Olympic 2523HE Kiln 240v1P 12-
Item #: O2523HE2401P12K
Olympic 2523HE Kiln

You Save: 20%

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Olympic 2527HE Kiln 240v 1 Pha
Item #: O2527HE41V6
Olympic 2527HE Kiln

You Save: 20%

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