Olympic Kilns for DPF Cleaning


When it comes to cleaning DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters), it’s important to clean them extensively. Using an electric kiln in the final steps of cleaning a filter will help pull any remaining dirt out. Kilns can be used to de-oxidize soot and turn it into ash, making it easier to be removed. Utilizing a kiln for the DPF cleaning process ensures that filters are properly and thoroughly cleaned, allowing them to function properly. 


2327E DPF 240V 1P 3K
Item #: ODP2327413K
Olympic 2327E DPF Kiln

You Save: 15%

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3027E DPF Kiln 240V 1P 3-key
Item #: ODP3027413K
Olympic 3027E DPF Kiln

You Save: 18%

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FL12E DPF 240/1 V6 Front
Item #: ODPFL12E41VF
Olympic FL12E DPF Kiln

You Save: 19%

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FL20E DPF 240/1 V6-CF Front
Item #: ODPFL20E41VF
Olympic FL20E DPF Kiln

You Save: 20%

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