L&L Plug-n-Fire Kiln
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L&L Plug-n-Fire Kiln

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L&L Plug-n-Fire Kiln

From testing a new glaze to owning your first kiln, the L&L Plug-n-Fire kiln brings you all the durability and features of an L&L in a versatile compact package at an entry level price. This is a perfect test kiln for any studio, plug it in anywhere and fire it anywhere, the Plug-n-Fire. Ideal for pottery, glass, bead work, jewelery metals and more!

This kiln can fire to Cone 10 on a standard 15-amp circuit, and draws only 12.5 amps. Equiped with L&L's Bartlent Genesis Mini Touchscreen Controller, which pairs excellently with L&L's KilnAid App. The hard Ceramic Element Channels protect elements and fragile firebrick, which improves kiln life dramatically, and the ceramic terminals make changing elements easy without any need for crimping.

Encased by a stainless steel case that makes room for extra-insulated sides with 2.5" K23 brick and 1" of backup insulation; Top & Bottom bricks are 3" K23 brick. The Plug-n-Fire Kiln plugs into a separate control panel with power and thermocouple wire jack. The door safety switch shuts off power to the elements when the door is opened. The Full Support Stand extends the life of the bottom brick which is made reversible for an even longer life.

With just a bit more room than most kilns of this size, the Plug-n-Fire has inside dimensions of 8"x8" square and is 9" deep.

Genesis Touch Screen Control
The Genesis control includes a touchscreen interface and WIFI connectivity. The intuitive interface is easy to use and understand. A free phone app allows you to monitor your kiln remotely. The angled control Panel makes viewing the controller and programming easier. L&L also provides how-to videos to help with programming your kiln.

Hard Ceramic Element Channels
No pins to replace and damage your firebrick! Durability, Repairability, Better Heat Transfer. The smooth, hard surface of the inside ceramic channel allows the elements to expand and contract freely. The dense ceramic holders extend element life because they do not insulate the hot elements from the kiln interior.

"No Crimp" Ceramic Element Connections
Designed for no crimping and easy to change elements!Industrial-grade ceramic terminal blocks make changing elements easy. All contact between elements and wire lugs is over a wide surface of heavily torqued stainless steel washers. Wires are not crimped to element ends as in some other brands. This means you can change elements yourself without buying an expensive tool or hiring a kiln repair person.

Heavy-Duty Type K Thermocouples
Thick 8 gauge thermocouples last a long time. Special Limit of Error to ANSI MC96.1 specifications is used.

Includes a Furniture Kit
Comes with a 7"x7" shelf that is 3/8" thick, and three 4" posts.

Full-Support Stand
Aluminized stands are solid and corrosion-resistant. They offer solid support under the kiln - unlike spot-welded angle stands that are common in the industry.

Door Safety Switch
The Door Safety Switch shuts off power to the elements when the door is opened.

120V Standard Plug
The Plug-n-Fire operates from 120V and is equipped with a standard North American 120V plug.

Standard Three-Year Limited Warranty
Most L&L Kilns have a three-year limited warranty.

Please note that FREE SHIPPING only applies to the contiguous United States. For all other locations, please contact us for a shipping quote.

Max Firing Temp: Cone 10 (2350F)
Inside Dimensions (inches): 8"x8" Square x 9" Deep
Outside Dimensions: 16"W x 19"D x 20"H
Cubic Feet: .33
Volts: 120
Amps: 15
5-15P Plug
Kiln Weight: 77lbs
Shipping Weight: 100 lbs