Mayco S-2708 Oriental Carm 16o
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Mayco S-2708 Oriental Carm 16o

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Cone 06: Oriental Carmel is a semi-opaque orange base glaze with variegated sage/brown crystals and a variety of black and brown specks.

Cone 6: Base glaze fades to gold – Green crystals disappear; remaining crystals fade and melt. Enhanced mobility. Surface issues may occur.

Mayco’s Crystalites are gloss glaze bases with pieces of glass frits that melt during the firing process. As the crystals bloom, they produce dramatic, colorful effects. We call it "Art in a Jar". Combine Mayco crystal glazes with other Mayco glazes, such as Stroke & Coats and Foundations for unique glaze combinations. For mid-range fire artists, the crystal glazes maintain their color with increased crystal movement at the higher temperature. Crystalites are non-toxic, and safe for use by artists of all ages. Not recommended for dinnerware due to surface characteristics.