Glass Master Kiln Controller
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Glass Master Kiln Controller


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GM-2 LT 120V Controller Upgrade:

Have you ever wondered if you can upgrade your little switch operated 120V glass kiln? The answer is YES.

It is perfect for the artist that purchased a little manual kiln such as the Skutt FireBox 8, Evenheat Hot Box or the Paragon Caldera, and now wants a little more control over the firing. Just plug any 15 amp or less kiln into the controller and you have all of the programmable control of a HotStart Pro or FireBox 14 kiln.

The unit can sit on the table next to the kiln or mount to the wall. It comes with the GlassMaster LT controller which has the easy to use GlassFire Mode and the ability to write and store your own custom programs. It also comes with everything you need to upgrade your kiln including the thermocouple and thermocouple flange.

Wall Mount or Free Standing
GlassFire Mode
Ramp and Hold Mode
8" Type K Thermocouple
Mounting Flange
Safety Relay Protects Against Over-fire
Runs Any Kiln 15 Amps or Less

Controller: KMLT
Volts: 120
Amps: 15
NEMA 5-15