Exhaust Fan 1720
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Exhaust Fan 1720


Item #: PROVE1720

Available Options:

CFM @ .25":

Exhaust fan/motor systems are available for both the Pro-V and Pro-X.

Laguna has done extensive testing to ensure that the exhaust systems are properly matched to the booth size and static pressure created by typical booth installation. The standard motors are single phase, 115V. The Pro-V motor can be adapted to either 115V or 220V.

Motor Mount - While the fan & motor can be mounted on the plenum at the back of the booth, it is often desirable to run ducting from the plenum to an outside wall or roofmount, thus separating motor and fan noise from the room in which the spray booth is being used. This is an alternate way to set up your fan and motor however, your HVAC or electrical contractor can help you explore all available options.