Baja Blast Meltdown Pint
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Baja Blast Meltdown Pint

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Baja Blast Pint

Looking for a unique and unexpected way to make your work stand out? Look no farther then Wizard Glaze!

The Meltdown Series is ideal for creating oozey, gooey, drips on your ceramics.

How to apply Meltdown glaze:
1. Pour out any excess liquid when you open your jar. Gloop functions better with minimum water content.
2. Shake or mix gloop.
3. Gloop works best with a pudding or frosting consistency. If you want to dry out your gloop you can leave the lid off overnight.
4. Apply underglaze to your ceramics. Gloop sticks best to an underglaze base. It is not recommended to apply gloop to an active glaze because it will lose its shape.
5. Apply gloop to underglazed ceramics. Wet Meltdown glaze is best for achieving long, viscous drips. The more liberal the application, the longer and thicker the drips will be.
6. Fire to cone 5 or 6.

To protect kiln shelves from damage, use kiln was or another refractory material to prevent the glaze from sticking.