Decal, Rice Paper 108 Black
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Decal, Rice Paper 108 Black


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Ceramic Underglaze Transfer

Firing Temperature: Cone 04-11

Storage: For optimal shelf life (3 - 6 months), store your transfers in a sealed bag and avoid sun light.

Application: For best results, apply transfer on damp greenware. Greenware (Difficulty Level - Easy), Bisque ware (Difficulty Level - Medium).


Cone 04 - 11

Remember fake tattoos from when you were a little kid (or perhaps from last week!)? Well, these simple to use rice paper decals work just like those cracker jack box treats!

These oxide bearing decals can be applied to either bisque or greenware and should be treated very much like underglazes. To apply, just lay the oxide bearing side of the rice paper decal against the pot and gently moisten the backside of the paper with a wet brush or sponge. When applying decals to leatherhard ware, we have found that some gentle pressing with a rubber rib against the back of the decal paper aids in the transfer. Next simply peel the paper away, and the image will be transferred to your pot - just like that! It's that easy!

Simple and fun for all skill levels.

Each sheet measures 9" x 6.5". Actual image size may vary by batch.

While these fire to a broad range of temperatures, we recommend testing them with your own glazes and firing parameters. Here at The Ceramic Shop, we have had beautiful results with these decals and recommend them for both beginning and advanced potters.