Paragon Fusion-7 Glass Kiln
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Paragon Fusion-7 Glass Kiln

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Paragon's Fusion-series digital hot glass kilns are packed with exciting features. The Fusion-7 is a great choice for the artist working out of a home studio, because it is wired for 120-volt operation - meaning you can plug it into any standard household outlet. With its fully digital Sentry 3-key controller, you will be able to sag, slump, and fuse glass with ease. You will be impressed with the kiln's firing precision and its solid construction. Paragon kilns are built to last, and the Fusion-7 is no exception.

Customization options:
Like all Paragon kilns, the Fusion-7 is available with many options for customization. This kiln can have an optional lid safety switch added - this means that the electricity to the elements is shut off when you open the kiln's lid, and automatically turns back on again when you close it. This is a nice option for a kiln that will be used in the classroom. You may also choose to upgrade to a mercury relay, which is much quieter than a standard relay and has an incredibly long use life. This is a good choice for the production artist who plans on using this kiln on a very regular basis - say, multiple times per week. You may also opt to install a 1" x 3" glass window, which will allow you to view the progress of your glass projects. For the bead worker, the Fusion-7 can be outfitted with a 2.5" x 6.5" bead door, which comes with a mandrel holder and allows for the annealing of glass beads. Finally, the Fusion-7 can be constructed with Paragon's ceramic fiber top lid instead of the standard firebrick lid, which is beneficial for the serious glass artist. Please select your customization choices from the drop-down menus above.

The Fusion-7 has a few accessories that you may opt to add on to your order. The suggested furniture kit includes one 13" round shelf; four 0.5" posts; and one 1-lb. bag of glass separator. Paragon also offers a few different stands for this kiln. The deluxe 18" x 12.25" stand is very sturdy and comes complete with 2" casters. The 18" x 18" stand is a little taller - 20.5" - and does not come with casters, but it's also a little more affordable. Please follow the links below to add these accessories to your order.

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