Light Magma Pint
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Light Magma Pint

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Cone 6: Light Magma is a sand-colored, high-texture glaze that creates a rough, cratered surface. The thicker the application, the more textured the surface will be.

Cone 10: Texture slightly flattens. Color changes to a cream/gray.

Mayco's Magma glazes were developed to create a create a rough, cratered surface on your piece that becomes thicker with additional application.

These specialty glazes perform from mid-range (cone 4/6) to higher fire (cone 9/10) temperatures.

Mayco’s Specialty Glazes should be applied to bisqued ceramic pieces fired from cone 4/6 to cone 9/10 in oxidation or reduction atmospheres.

The choice of clay body, thickness of glaze application, firing process and temperature will affect the fired results. We recommend that glazes always be tested on your clay body.

These glazes are AP Non-Toxic but not recommended for dinnerware due to surface characteristics.

Sold in pints only.