Recycle slab, 20 x 20
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Recycle slab, 20 x 20


Item #: SLAB20

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NEW Wedging Slab! The 20" recycled slab is back and better than ever! Same great reliability and quality, but recessed on the bottom. Not only does this make the slab lighter, but it allows for better airflow which makes wedging a breeze! You can also flip the slab over and use the recessed side to recycle clay. The Hydrostone pulls out so much moisture that you can recycle liquid slip with ease.

Slab measures 20"W x 20" L x 2.5"D.

A smooth plaster slab designed for recycling and wedging clay at home. Slabs are made of durable Hydrostone plaster, making it 10 times stronger than regular pottery plaster.

Please note that the picture above is of the recessed underside of the slab. The reverse side is smooth and solid.