Kiln-Sitter Relay Contractor
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Kiln-Sitter Relay Contractor



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Kiln-Sitter Relay Contractor
Functions as an added safety factor to prevent overfiring.

UL Listed. A recommended safety feature, the Kiln-Sitter® is a mechanical type kiln cut-off device. A junior size cone mounted horizontally activates the electrical switch and turns the kiln off automatically.

The Kiln-Sitter® also includes a Limit Timer - a clock dial which can be set for a specified number of hours. It functions as an added safety factor to prevent overfiring. Detailed installation and operating instructions are supplied with each instrument.

To ensure receipt of proper model when ordering, please specify wall depth of kiln (including brick, insulation, outside metal), trade name, model no., voltage, phase and amperage.

Each Kiln-Sitter® requires a wiring kit to connect it to the kiln fuse box when adding to a kiln for the first time. NOTE: When replacing an existing Kiln-Sitter®, a new wiring kit may not be necessary.

If you are experiencing underfiring when using a Kiln-Sitter/Limit Timer during the firing of AMACO® clays and glazes, use one cone higher.