Element Box Cover Jupiter Kiln
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Element Box Cover Jupiter Kiln


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These element box covers are used on L&L Brand Kilns. The most common box that needs to be replaced is for the Jupiter series kilns and the old Econo kilns. The J2300 boxes can rust from years of exposure to moisture and be unsightly. The rusty flakes can get in your kiln and The metal can scale away and actual pieces can fall down on the connections inside the box and cause a jumper wire to burn out.

If you are not sure what box cover you need give us a call today and we can look it up for you.

Element Cover Box for All Jupiter Automatic and Jupiter Manual Kilns - Unit includes Mounting Hardware (4 sheet metal screws)
If you have a J14, J14R, J18R, or any K Model Kiln, this element cover box WILL NOT FIT THE KILN. Element cover boxes for these model kilns are special order upon request.