Degussa Stain, Bordeaux Rd 1/4
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Degussa Stain, Bordeaux Rd 1/4


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Degussa stain #279497, Bordeaux Red, 1/4 lb.

If you are trying to achieve brilliant colors at high temperatures. The Degussa Stains are your answer.

In the past, stable red stains at high firing temperatures were unknown to the ceramic industry. This gap was bridged by Degussa's line of inclusion pigments which are
stable up to a firing temperature of 1300¢ªC (2372¢ªF) and which are resistant to unfavorable kiln atmospheres. By using inclusion pigments in glazes, the following additional
advantages can be achieved in comparison to the traditional cadmium glazes: Favorable thermal expansion (no special bisque with high coefficient of thermal expansion
necessary). . Low sensitivity to contamination during processing. . Low influence of contamination in the bisque (e.g. pyrites, copper pyrites). . Possibility of blending
with other stain systems, color oxides and color frits. Compatibility with other glazes (possibilities to combine). . Matting possibility with the addition of zinc oxide, etc.
Non-problematic behavior during processing of glaze slurry/slip. The red, orange, and yellow inclusion pigments can be mixed with other stain systems. With these
intermixtures, totally new color tones can be achieved.