Kiln Link Premium 5 yr Plan
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Kiln Link Premium 5 yr Plan


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Includes 5 year service contract, which includes 5 years of monitoring service and data storage. Service plans are required for you to access information collected and stored through KilnLink.

About KilnLink
The KilnLink is an excitingly new and innovative technology by Skutt that allows you to monitor the status of your kiln from anywhere that you can access the internet. KilnLink works by establishing a connection between your kiln and the internet via a control box, which feeds information from the kiln in real time to a cloud based database. Information from the database can be easily accessed by users by logging onto a registered account via a computer, smart phone or other mobile device or by receiving notifications by email or text messages.

Within the KilnLink database, you can access information about your kiln and firings, such as:
Graph of Firing
Current Program
Programs History
Start and End Times

You can also view graphs of your firings and even check the status of multiple kilns.

Having a KilnLink allows you to gain peace of mind from outside of the studio, knowing that your kiln is running properly and safely.

Additionally, because all of the information regarding your kiln and its firing history is saved on a server, you can go back and retrieve this information at any time to consult your notes about what has worked (or not!) in the past. This type of information also allows you to monitor the costs of your electrical use for budgeting purposes.

Another ideal feature of the KilnLink is that it can be used for diagnostics. The KilnLink stores information about the amperage and voltage of your kiln, which is necessary at times in order to diagnose problems and anticipate maintenance. With KilnLink, all of that data is logged without even having to open the control box. Skutt technicians can access all the information they need to diagnose your kiln simply by logging on to the database. Your contractor can also be authorized so they can evaluate each kiln for future maintenance and handle problems before they happen. While it can be expensive and time consuming to hire a professional to determine this information, KilnLink will help you save time and money on kiln repairs and maintenance.

We are very excited about this new technological advancement in ceramics! We hope you are too!!

*NOTE: This item is a digital service and includes no physical item to be shipped.
You will be contacted for your kiln information upon processing
Your kiln must be equipped with a KMT controller in order to take advantage of this service plan