Kiln Shelf Core Lite 26"x13"
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Core Lite

Kiln Shelf Core Lite 26"x13"


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Shelf measures 26" x 13" x 5/8" thick.


These shelves are extruded with openings through the interior. They can be fired up to Cone 9 safely. Multiple high temp firings pushing to Cone 10 are not recommended.

The shelf composition is a mix of mullite and cordierite with about 5% magnesium. Not recommended for wood, reduction or salt firings. Each shelf is ground on both the top and bottom for sheer flatness.

A Note for Glass Makers: Kiln shelfs may often have a rough surface, or are made with slight imperfections and pockmarks. While this is rarely an issue for ceramic artists, this may be troublesome for those who work with glass. While we cannot accept returns on shelves due to surface variations, we do suggest that glass artists use Thin Fire Shelf Paper which will help combat imperfections in the shelf surface.

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