Snowy Plum Pint
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Snowy Plum Pint

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Legend has it that red copper glazes were discovered accidentally during the Song dynasty of China, when a potter did not notice a family of mice had crawled into his kiln and settled around one of his pots. When the potter opened his kiln, he found that one pot was a brilliant crimson color, rather than the usual green. He sent the pot to the Emperor, who immediately demanded a thousand more. Not knowing what he had done the first time, the potter tried and failed over and over again to reproduce the crimson pot until, in his despair, he threw himself into the burning kiln. Every pot in that firing was a beautiful deep red.

Although we appreciate a kiln full of gorgeous red pots, but we prefer electricity to human sacrifice. That's why Coyote Clay is introducing a new line of electric-firing Copper Red Glazes, including Snowy Plum and Oxblood. By including a local reduction agent, we have created a line of copper glazes that reduce red in normal electric firing!