L&L Doll elem Low 15 amp Small
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L&L Doll elem Low 15 amp Small


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As per L&L's policy, you must supply us with the serial number of your kiln when purchasing elements, which you may enter in the "Comments" section during checkout.

Elements for L&L Doll Kilns come in 2 wattage capacities, (HIGH for DLH models), and (LOW for DL models).
Both are 120V. There are also 200V-240V elements for the DX Models, these elements are wired in series.

You will also have to choose the thickness of your elements, all elements in Doll kilns prior to June 1, 2004 are small elements, 3/8". After that date, new holders were implemented on all kilns and you will need the large elements, 1/2". The resistance is the same just the size of the element is different.