Steel Pottery Extruder Package
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Steel Pottery

Steel Pottery Extruder Package



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The Steel Pottery Extruder is one of the most innovative tools for ceramic artists that we have seen in a long time. The extruder and its dies will help you produce tons of new and exciting forms. Extruders in the past have been used primarly for basic shapes and handles. Now with the beautifully crafted dies you will be able to make complex extrusions with ease. Image combining forms or partial extrusions to get even more interesting results. With over 60 dies to choose from the possibilities are endless.

The dies are finished with a special welding technique that leaves the edges slick, resulting in a tightly burnished and smooth surface on the extruded piece. This will reduce hairline cracks in the fring process to assure you get the best results.

Comes with 3 basic dies to get you started.

Made of stainless steel.

An expansion box is offered to make even large forms.

The Extruder Package includes the Extruder / The Stand / The Expansion Kit

The Steel Pottery Extruder Package weighs 51 lbs.

10cm (4") Barrel Diameter
23.5cm (9.25") Barrel Depth

1.54m (60.5") Tall
1.57m (62") Tall w/ Extruder Attached

Expansion Kit
Fits 13cm (5") Dies