Raku Aqua Pint
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Raku Aqua Pint

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Spectrum’s 850-891 Raku Glaze Series can be fired in both electric and gas kilns. These liquid glazes are available in a variety of unique colors. These glazes will allow you to create amazing effects on your pottery and other ceramic wares. They can be applied by brush, poured or dipping, however, for the latter two processes thinning with water may be recommended. Raku firings typically produce very variable results, so the test tiles are only provided as approximations. We recommend testing all glazes first.

The following glazes in this series are non-toxic and lead-free:

The remainder of the Raku glazes are lead-free, but exceed the threshold limit for copper and are, therefore, not non-toxic in the liquid state. these glazes are not food safe.

Spectrum’s Raku glazes can be fired anywhere from cone 010 (approximately 1600 F) up to cone 06 (1850 F) in either an electric or gas kiln. The recommended firing temperatures for these glazes are as follows:

Glazes 850 to 856 and 868 to 879 to a peak of 1700 - 1750 F
Glazes 860 to 866 to a peak of 1600 - 1650 F.

Ceramic pieces should be allowed to cool in the kiln to 1600 F. While the pots are red hot, they should be transferred as quickly as possible into a reduction bin (typically a lidded metal garbage can or small metal container that has been lined with organic material, such as newspaper and/or sawdust, etc.). Once the pieces are contained in the bin, the lid should be replaced so as to prevent oxygen from entering and to develop the reduction atmosphere. Fired work should be allowed to cool in the bin for at least 20 minutes.

WARNING: When red hot pieces go into the bin, the organic material ignites and will produce flames and smoke. This part of the firing, particularly the opening of the reduction bin, should be done outside. Always take safety precautions when firing raku such as the use of high temperature gloves, protective eyewear, and a respirator. Always have a fire extinguisher handy.

1 pint bottle.