G-42 Series Lid Lifter Upgrade
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G-42 Series Lid Lifter Upgrade


Item #: CALLG42

Made to Order: Will ship in 16 to 18 weeks

If you would like your brand-new Cone Art G-4209 or G-4213 glass kiln constructed with an added lid lifter, please add this item to your cart. This is an upgrade that is only available for new kilns, so by selecting this option you are ensuring that your new Cone Art kiln will be constructed with this add-on. A lid lifter is a pulley system that makes raising your kiln’s lid incredibly easy -- so easy, in fact, that you can do it with one finger! This can make loading your kiln a breeze, and can really save your back in the long run. A lid lifter is also a great option for kilns that are going into a shared classroom or studio, as it eliminates the possibility of a lid slamming down on someone’s hands, fingers, or work.

Please note that this item cannot be purchased alone; it can only be purchased as an add-on to a new order for a Cone Art G-42 series glass kiln.