Brent Manual HD Clay Extruder
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Brent Manual HD Clay Extruder

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If you're in the market for a heavy-duty clay extruder, consider Brent’s Clay Extruder HD. This wall-mounted extruder with EZ-Lock Handle and 3-piece die set is made of solid welded steel and features an exclusive Brent safety design. Two sets of clutch plates lock the clutch body assembly firmly in place at any height setting for maximum leverage. Pull up on the top plates to raise the handle and plenger, or pull down on the bottom plates to lower them. This means that your Brent Clay Extruder HD will be easily adjusted for users of all sizes.

Another great feature of this design is the assurance of equal pressure with any amount of clay in the barrel. You know how smaller extruders can exert unequal pressure, resulting in an uneven extrusion? That doesn’t happen with this heavy-duty piece of equipment. The Clay Extruder HD comes complete with a three-piece die set with selector.

The extruder’s heavy-duty barrel measures a hearty 4” in diameter and holds up to 10 lbs. of clay. The easy-to-use end cap holds whichever die you choose. This model also fit’s Brent’s standard and hollow die sets.

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One year warranty

Amaco/Brent part #22863X