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Do you enjoy handbuilding but prefer a clean, uniformed finish to your slab projects?  Slump molds are designed to help create uniformity in platters, plates, trays and much more. Here at The Ceramic Shop, we design and produce a popular line of slump molds that are made of HydroStone, which is the same durable material that our standard Hydro-Bats are made from. This means that you can drape your clay slab into one of our slump molds and press it, roll it, and shape it to your preference - all against a sturdy Hydro-Stone backing.


If you have any questions about our Hydro-Bat slump molds, we’re happy to help! Simply give us a call at 215-427-9665.


As these products are produced by hand and shipped soon after manufacturing, we recommend that any Hydrobat, Hump Mold, or Slump Mold be unboxed immediately upon receiving them to allow any traces of residual moisture to leave the product.


Slump Mold Set of 4
Slump Mold Set of 4


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