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Between our in-house glaze lab and kiln post production department, The Ceramic Shop has been proudly creating our own furniture kits for years. We use only the highest quality shelves and posts to make our kits. Because we make them in our own warehouse in Pennsylvania, we are able to make them super affordable as well; we're talking big savings over choosing brand-name kits! We also include heavy-duty gloves, one pound of kiln wash, and a sample kit of our world-famous Roselli stilts to get you everything you could possibly need in a furniture kit.


We offer our furniture kits in a variety of sizes so they are easily compatible with the world's most popular kiln models. Between the quality and affordability, going with Ceramic Shop brand Furniture Kits is the smart choice!


Hollow Kit, 10-Side, 3", 18H
Item #: SHOPHCFK10S18-3
The Ceramic Shop
Hollow Core Furniture Kit

You Save: 10%

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Hollow Kit, 12-Side, 3", 27H
Item #: SHOPHCFKnokiln12S27-3
The Ceramic Shop
Hollow Core Kit- NO KILN

You Save: 2%

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Shop Kit, 10-side, 2.5", 18H
Item #: SHOPFKnokiln10S18-2
The Ceramic Shop
Ceramic Shop Kit - NO KILN

You Save: 7%

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Shop Kit, 8-side, 2.5", 18H
Item #: SHOPFK8S18-2
The Ceramic Shop
Ceramic Shop Furniture Kit

You Save: 13%

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